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Gunpla Tutorial 


This basic tutorial information are for those beginner who like to exposed to the Gundam model kits world and don't know where to start with. We will help you guys with some basic information to start with.

First of all we need a tool and what tool do we need as a beginner or even for intermediate?

We got a complete budgeted modeler set for you to start with as seen on picture below:-













Lets us explain the used of this tool to you 1 by 1.  

1- Plato Side Cutter : Used to cut the plastic part out of the runner.

2- 9 Sea Designer Knife : Used to trim the extra nub from the parts after cutting out from the runner.

3- Pen : Used to draw a panel line for the gundam. (Black)

4- Tweezers Straight & Curve : Used to apply sticker or decal to gundam (Please don't use your hand because our      finger got oil and you wouldn't want your finger print all over the decal.) 

5- Part Separator (Yellow) : Used to separate mis-match parts from each other without hurting the plastic parts          and of course your finger nail too. 

6- Sanding Block : Used to remove nub mark from the parts.

7- Cuttimg Mat : Used to protect your table from scratch when you assembling Gundam 

    (Cutting Mat Sold Seperately).

This is the basic tools for you to start with.

Now we are going to explain the grade and the different of the Gundam model kits itself.

We are not going in detail about First Grade, Advance Grade & SD/BB because this few type are normally for kids and is really not challenging when assembly. So we will start with High Grade :-













Follow by No Grade :-


















 Real Grade :-

















 Master Grade :-














 Perfect Grade :-












And Lastly Mega Sizes :-

So this is the few type of Grade that Gundam Model Kits has.  

Gundam Marker Tutorial














































































So this is some basic knowledge for all beginners should know before venturing to this hobby. Hope this will help you guy and finally we wish you all Happy Gunpla and welcome to our hobby world. 

modeler tool set, gundam tool set
A4 cutting mat
HG 1/144 Gundam Model Kits
No Grade 1/100 Gundam Model Kits
Real Grade 1/144 Gundam Model Kits
Master Grade 1/100 Gundam Model Kits
Perfect Grade 1/60 Gundam Model Kits
Mega Sizes 1/48 Gundam Model Kits
Gundam Marker tutorial
Gundam Marker, Panel line
Gundam Marker Tutorial
Gundam marker Tutorial
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