How to remove nub marks from gundam plastic parts.

How to remove nub mark from gundam plastic parts are the very common question for those beginner to adapt to Gundam Model Kit.

So there are many technique to remove nub mark but this technique is quite comfortable for me and I believe it is same to you too. 

So there are the tools we need as listed below:-

- Side Cutter

- Hobby Knife

- Sanding Stick  / Abrasives (Sand Paper)

So the tools are ready and we are ready to start !!

- The whole pieces of plastic out from the box are called runner. Normally the instruction book will show the total runner in the box.

- So the picture below are shown to you the Runner, Gates and Parts. 

- This is the 1st thing you need to know about the runner.

- After the step above, now you guys need to know how to cut the parts out from the runner with Gundam Side Cutter.

- Please cut the gate position as far as possible from the parts to prevent the cut hurt the part as shown as picture below.

- After we cut all the gate and removed the parts from the runner, we will used the side cutter to cut the remaining nub mark from the parts as shown at the picture below.

- But remember don't cut until to the part, please remain a little bit of nub mark so you won't hurt the part when you cut it. We will handle the remaining nub mark after ward.

- After all the step above are done. The remain last step can be done with two option either using hobby knife or used Sanding technique is up to you guys decide but for me I prefer using hobby knife to remove the nub mark.

(Using Hobbies Knife to cut off nub mark)

(Using Sanding Stick Technique)